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Pineapple Moodmat
Pineapple Moodmat Pineapple Moodmat
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Pineapple Moodmat

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-Size: 6.8" x 11.5" (17.27 cm x 29.21 cm) 
-Colors: 3 

Made in USA+ Free Shipping in USA!


-100% made in the USA & ships from New Jersey. 
-97% upcycled rubber scrap material 
-Tough, resilient and recyclable 
-Closed-cell neoprene naturally repels moisture 
-Self-extinguishing & heat-resistant 
-Cleans easily with soapy water 
-Not a mousepad

Protect your investments with moodmats upycled rubber coasters! Originally designed in 2009 with scraps from old wetsuits and other discarded neoprene, moodmats are still made in New Jersey. We are using 98% upcycled, reused scrap foam rubber that has been personally collected from companies and individuals alike. We take material that would otherwise end up in a landfill and turn it into a protective sheet of goodness. Our rubber is tough and resilient. We use all sorts of closed cell foam in our formula. Our moodmats are self-extinguishing and easy to clean with soapy water...let'em dry, and they're like brand new again. Enjoy . . . piece peace.


Hi there . . . welcome to We invite you to relax while perusing our goods. Take a few deep breaths and listen to which design speaks to you! No matter how you are feeling today, our recycled rubber encourages you to feel a whole lot better. Just by reading this far, you are becoming part of our movement to save "valuable trash" from entering a landfill. My Nan always said, "Waste not, want not . . ." and we want what's best for you and your valuables. We are the U.S.A.'s original neoprene upcycling co. We take everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weatherstripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires, and plenty more "clean" donations to make up what we call "LAVA RUBBER". Once we have our lava, we can die-cut and print anyway we like. We bring to you the best quality & most earth friendly mat and coaster line on the planet!

Keeping this material out of landfills has been our #1 priority and our mission since day one. In turn, Mother Nature hooks us up in the karma loop and cosmically introduces us to awesome people like you who share our vision(s). You can protect your wares and feel great about not being a sloppy mess who leaves garbage all over the place. Thank you for being a part of the family!

All our donations are privately collected, recycled and finished right here in NJ, U.S.A. by LavaRubber. Then, with a little grinding and a pound of positive vibrations, we bring to you . . . moodmats . . . enjoy your piece peace!

* Don't be fooled by imitation mouse pads or other noxiously made foam mats made somewhere "overseas". There are plenty of copycats or "pussies" as we call them here in NJ, but unless it has an amethyst charged moodmats logo on the back . . . it's a knock-off !